Firefox 3

Download Day

After three years in the lab, Firefox 3 is now scheduled to be released to the wild. This Tuesday will be Download Day 2008 for Firefox 3 which is claimed by its developers to be the fastest and safest web browser today.

Mozilla shall also attempt a Guinness World Record on that day for the most software downloads in 24 hours. As of writing this post, there is 1,247,219 download pledges on that day.

For an in-depth look at what Firefox 3 has to offer, visit the Field Guide to Firefox 3 , and of course, pledge your support to download on Tuesday here

i'm back

shet. it's been months since i posted a new entry at goodbye blue monday. dunno the reason why i stopped writing for this blog and i do not plan to come up with an excuse nor to ask for an apology.

anyways, what happened for the whole summer break?

1. i have officially graduated from the University of the Philippines (still waiting for the graduation gifts to come though *wink*) and is now a proud full time activist for the League of Filipino Students despite the pleadings of my parents to get a "regular" job. My only regret during the ceremonies was that I wasn't the one who spoke in our lightning rally for the ceremonies...

2. an anecdote

as we were going to Baguio for an activity by Youth Act Now, the bus we were riding stopped at the front of the College of Business Administration at the UP. Some of us needed to go to the restroom so we went to the CBA.

us: Puwede po bang mag-CR?

guard: Bawal. (Points to the "No ID, No Entry Sign" by the door.) 'Dun na lang kayo sa Vinzons. Puwede dun.

Because it was raining, we had to insist.

me: estudyante po ako. (takes out my wallet, shows my ID to the guard, praying to God that she'd hurry as mother nature's calls were getting louder)

guard: (after a few seconds of hesitation) hindi puwede. (points to my shoes) madumi sapatos mo. hindi puwede.


3. another anecdote

a friend of mine asked me what last agitated me. my reply was meeting the family of Rei Mon "Ambo" Guran, the second victim of extrajudicial killings from the LFS. (more about the meeting on a later post.)

4. another major regret during the summer break was being unable to attend the wake of the late, great, Crispin, "Ka Bel" Beltran, whose convictions has touched the lives of so many and whose unwavering determination in advancing the people's interests is worth emulating.