Morong43, originally uploaded by ronvil.

This is a small contribution to the campaign to free the 43 health workers illegally detained by the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

These photos of some of the 43 were taken when they were finally brought to court by the AFP, after they snubbed the Court during the first hearing for their Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus.

The protest outside was intense, especially when the buses where the 43 were being transported back to Camp Capinpin drove out of the CA grounds after the hearing. It was one of the longest and loudest Noise Barrage that I participated in, an effort to tell the 43:

“We are with you!”

“Do not give up. Do not lose hope. Continue the Struggle!”

The pictures of the 43 as they were led inside the CA inspired me to do this poster. We can only imagine what they have gone through when they were arrested, but here they are, fists raised in defiance of the state and its machinery that has persecuted them.

And so, i present you this poster, a small tribute for them, and for every other health worker who provides health services to the poor, the needy, and everyone that has been forgotten by the government. Who fights and struggles for the day when everyone can enjoy health care, regardless of class and the size of their bank accounts.