Just finished watching the 37th episode of deathote, the latest Japanese anime that I've been hooked into lately. It seems as if it is the last in the brilliant anime series, which also has its roots in Japanese Manga. From what I know, it has already been made into a live action movie and a live action TV series of the same title.

Basically, the story revolves around Yagami Light, a bored highschool student that acquires a deathnote dropped by a bored Shinigami (death god) to the human world. Though there are rule in using the note, the basic premise is that any human whose name is written in the deathnote shall die. Light then uses the deathnote to "create a new world" by killing criminals.

The governments, alarmed by the sudden deaths of notable criminals turn to L, the world's no.1 detective to capture the killer that has been given the nickname "Kira" (japanenese for killer, i think).

The story then develops in a cat and mouse chase where the two main characters attempt to outwit each other.

I won't go into the details of the series since I am not a fan of spoilers. However, there are a few points of interest that about the series which is the reason why I'm writing this post.

Most notable of these is the theme that the anime is playing with. Besides death, it also questions our concept of "justice." The anime does not present a clear cut line as to who is the protagonist and antagonist. Is it the Kira, the person who places justice into his own hands by killing known criminals? Or is it L and the police, establishments funded by governments and the state to "maintain order", to "serve and protect."

Deathnote allows the audience to choose as to whom his/her sympathies lie and who is doing what may be considered as "just."

It is interesting to note that the anime potrays the definite action of the state's coercive force (police and military) once another entity (such as Kira) challenges their capacity as "law enforcers."

Despite the fact that crime has almost vanished since the powers of Kira was unleashed and criminals became "judged," the police became more obsessed with hunting down Kira.

Another thing that got me hooked was the fact that deathnote does not provide all the details of what is happening and explains a few vague points later on. This is crcial since it leaves the viewers hanging, theorizing about what was happening, making guesswork at what are the plans of the characters, and then hoping that he/she was right in what he thinks to have occured.

However, be warned. It is not for children and is way too mature for the regular anime addicts.

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Hubport August 8, 2007 at 4:23 PM  

I love the mind boggling situations in deathnote and I really love the story and some of its few twist. Anyway, there is a sequel of deathnote that is going to be released soon. I heard that the story now goes to L. I think its the past of L.