As part of our campaign nationawide campaign against the ATB, I, along with other members of the LFS smeared red paint and lied-down in the streets fronting the steps of Palma Hall in the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

Of course, it is apparent that such a draconian piece of legislation such as the Anti-Terror Bill or Human Security Act of 2007 shall only embolden the military to continue on their killing spree against legitimate political and progressive organizations that they label as "left."

I'm not supersticious. Just the thought of lying in the streets, full of paint that is supposed to be blood, and the sound of camera shutters from the media made me feel as if I'm in SOCO or CSI. It really was chilling.

A prelude of things to come? Though I hope not, the very fact the the hundreds of cases of extrajudicial killings remain unsolved and Karen and She are yet to be found makes the protest action seem a real prophecy.

Afraid. It really is a scary thought. The beginnings of another Martial Law? No. Martial Law II has long been in this country since GMA took to power. What we have here now is Martial Law institutionalized, legalized.

One thing is missing from the protest action though. It is the fact that alongside this renewed efforts by the administration to stifle dissent is renewed vigot and grim determination from all sectors of society.

We shall fight. We shall not be afraid. This is dark times indeed. But we shall fight.

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