Hi ho

The ever resourceful Olga, or should i say Olga Sulfur-16 Guela, told me to visit this, this saying that I'll probably like to... And i actually did.

Henceforth, I shall now be Ron Watermelon-2 Villegas. Hi ho.

To explain further, let me now quote Wilbur Daffodil-11 Sawin, future president of the US of A.

"As I said in my speech, your new middle name would consist of a noun, the name of a flower or fruit or nut or vegetable or legume, or a bird or a reptile or a fish, or a mollusk, or a gem or a mineral or a chemical element -- connected by a hyphen to a number between one and twenty."

Vonnegut addicts would understand that it has always been his belief that one of the reasons why people act the way they should not be acting is due to the lack of extended families.

Now, it's not that I no longer like my middle name, de Vera, which is also nice in itself, nor am I fully convinced with everything that the late great Vonnegut has written in his novels.

Its all in good fun really. And if you must know, Rowan Atkinson is also a member of the Watermelons, according to the website from which gave me my new middlename, selected at immaculate random. Hi ho.

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OLGALICIOUS July 24, 2007 at 8:22 PM  

was just thinking.
paano kapag nagpakasal sila. anong magiging pangalan ng anak?
kelangan din bang i-register kung ano ang magiging bagong middle name niya? so therefore, kung iba ang middle name niya, iba ang magiging family niya?

hi ho.

i love you.