random thoughts

As of writing this post,

I miss Olga whom I haven't seen all day,

I'll never see Bob Smith again (more on this on later posts), Hopefully,

I've just earned P200 after serving as a major network's guinea pig for their new gameshow,

My cellphone's battery is dead,

I want to drink coffee,

I've just learned in the news that the AFP shall be deploying troops at urban communities, again,

I just finished editing my friendster profile,

Ka Bel has just been released, finally,

The rain has stopped.

Oh well...

I promise to try writing something coherent next time.

Meanwhile, I urge you, anonymous-reader-who-is-cursing-me-now-for-wasting-your-time-by-making-you-read-what-is-written-above, to visit this. Its pure genius. Really.

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