back in blogging form (or something to that effect)

with everything (LFS anniversary, JMS arrest, semester about to end) going at the same time, I never had an opportunity to post a new entry here.

so i'm back, or as this post's title says "something to that effect."

What's been going on with me lately? For starters, my phone got lost yesterday. Yes, my ever-dependent phone is now the property of someone else. In the midst of the panicking and pressure a few hours before the LFS clean-up drive in Recto and Mendiola, I accidentally left my beloved phone in an internet cafe at Vinzons Hall. I just realized that I did not have my phone in the somewhere in Espana while in an FX.

Later in the afternoon, we waited for a couple of hours in front of the old NEDA building in UP Manila at Padre Faura while waiting for a torch-march to the US embassy. By 7, we started the March.

As we came towards the embassy, the police and security guards in the damned building were surprised to see more than a hundred students, carrying torches (reminiscent of the Salem witch hunts), mouthing loud anti-imperialist slogans, marching towards them.

Agitated, we stormed the embassy gates, banged on the seal of the United States, threw pebbles, and even the torches! (video footage to be posted soon!)


Thats it. For now anyways. For the umpteenth time, I have made a personal resolution to post as often as I can here. Hope to keep it this time though.

Viva LFS!

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