gettin' down

Had my launching as a hip-hop artist last night, during our cultural night in celebration of the LFS anniversary.

Real fun, though I did not get to rap, because I preferred to take the K-hon and make the beat for our number. However, I, along with a few LFS mems wrote the rap song, brainstorming for more than two hours just to get the rhyme right. Yo!

Lia's dance/armpit performance was also cool. Ever since I've learned that she dances, I have always asked her to quit being shy about it.

The Hiyas-Zangief play, which acted as an interlude in between the three segments of the cultural night was fun. Though I doubt that her brat-kid role was just acting as she is a brat in real life... :)


JOMA is free! Yehey! However, the fight for his rights as well as those who are being harassed by the regime is far from over. There's always something "pasabog" that we can expect from a regime as rotten as this one.


I haven't seen Olga for over two days. As of writing this, I'll be taking the bus to go back to Pangasinan which means another two days... :(

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