I'm writing this poost inside the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) where the national canvass for the senatorial and partylist elections are held. Im a pollwatcher for KABATAAN Partylist, the sole youth party that ran in the midterm elections last May 14. (Click on the link to visit the official website!)

Truly, much like the democracy that it represents, this year's elections is another freakshow, with schools being burned down leaving a teacher dead, mayors being shot, showbiz celebrities and boxing heroes running for public posts, towns with less than 10,000 residents turning up 20,000 voters... the list goes on.

The primetime news disproves the claims of the COMELEC that this year's elections was relatively peaceful and one of the cleanest in history. As of writing this post, a town in Abra is unable to continue because nobody wants to sit in the board of election canvassers. A few days ago, unidentified gunmen straffed the school with bullets, leaving the canvassers dead.

Anyway, the national canvassing is no different, only made more sosyal. It is filled with big bellied, pompous men in barongs who seems to be constipated with their own (or their candidate's> shit.

Oh well, papel, here comes another COC/SOV to be tallied. Back to the Excel spreadsheet for me...

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