First post, uli

Weird. After a long time of hibernation from blogging, I now find myself an administrator of three blogs (this, flowers in the window which is maintained by me and my significant other, and gags211 which is something I cooked up to remain in contact with my buddies from Kalai.

Dunno the reason for this sudden mode with blogging. Either:
a) I no longer know what to do with my spare time (assuming I got some);
b) I don't hve a free time but I think that I have some and so I think that I don't know what to do with those free time;
c) Too many thoughts are are going on in my mind lately that there seems to be a necessity for me to find space somewhere even in cyberspace to put them in and record them (for posterity);
d) I just want to join in on the fun since many people, (baktis included are into it);
e) none of the above (meaning there is a reason, divine intervention included, for all this which I am yet to discover.

Whatever the reason, I have started this and I don't want this to become another one of my ningas-kugon projects... hopefully.

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