at last, the summer for me is over. Well, the classes ended monday last week but I wasn not through with it yet since I had an exam last Thursday an a paper that was due yesterday.

Yes. it was due yesterday but I only got to finish it today. Whoever said making a review of three researches on organizational and industrial psychology published in international journals was easy?

I thought so, but experience this past few days has proven me wrong.

I spen a wholata money on this thing, with the researches being at least 20 pages long. I actually had to go to PUP where the printing costs P1.00 to print the researches. Then, there was the very tiring and not to mention boring task of reading the damn three, summarizing them, and actually making a review of them.

The situation is actually worsened by the fact that I got no computer at home. Yep, Lorna, my ever-trustable laptop had died (thanks to my two cousins who took all the keys from the keyboard off...)

Also, I have the bloodiest runny nose in the freaking universe. Thank god for the rain yesterday and my stubborness to look for some shade and persist in walking in the rain.

The station where I'm actually typing this now is crammed with wet, sticky, and dreadful tissues. My apologies to the shop owner, and yes, as awful as it may sound, I'm going to pick them up one-by-one and throw 'em in a trash can...

(actual photo of the computer, not a recreation.)

well, after paragraphs of whining, I'm off to the psych department to pass my paper (Though I'm not sure if my professor will accpat it... I so hope she does...) and its over for me!

Hooray, and Hoorah!

I can finally watch the charlie chaplin movies that I got from my mother...


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